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Telescopic Transmission Jack
Telescopic Transmission Jack
Telescopic Transmission Jack
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Telescopic Transmission Jack

Ideal for car and light commercial transmission removal and installation. Fully adjustable universal rotary saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chains. Foot operated pump and release valve leaves both hands free to manoeuvre transmission. Wide base with four 3” dia. swivel-type ball bearing castors providing stability and easy manoeuvring. Two-stage flash chromed rams inhibit rust from entering the hydraulic system. Lifts from 875 to 1800mm.

Contents TTJ500
Capacity...1/2 Tonne
Ram Extensions...2
Minimum Saddle Height...875mm
Maximum Saddle Height...1800mm
Saddle Size...680x810mm
Chain Length...95mm
Saddle Tilt Forward...24”
Saddle Tilt Back...19”
Saddle Tilt Side...+/- 20”
Saddle Return Weight...15.8kg (35lbs)
Base...695 x 805mm


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