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Kennedy.125x3x22.23mm A24RBF FLAT CUTTING DISC
Kennedy.125x3x22.23mm A24RBF FLAT CUTTING DISC
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Jual Kennedy.125x3x22.23mm A24RBF FLAT CUTTING DISC

Spesifikasi Kennedy.125x3x22.23mm A24RBF FLAT CUTTING DISC

Type 41 Flat Reinforced Cutting For use with all portable angle grinders. 180mm to 230mm discs can also be used on circular saws, and 300 to 350mm discs are for use with chop saws/cut-off machines, subject to bore compatibility. Not to be used for wet cutting. Grade A24/A36 - For general-purpose cutting on metals. Grade C24 - For general-purpose cutting on stone. Depressed Centre & Flat Reinforced Cutting & Grinding Discs All Kennedy Depressed Centre and Flat Reinforced Cutting Wheels now carry the “oSa” (The Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives) mark of approval. “oSa” is an association of the world’s leading abrasives manufacturers. In France, it is mandatory to use only oSa-certified rough grinding wheels and cutting wheels. Similarly in Germany and Italy, it is strongly recommended that abrasive products conform to the relevant EN standards. “oSa” marked products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the highest worldwide safety standards, including those of the Comite Europeen de Normalisation (CEN), the European standards body that issues EN standards, and of ANSI in the USA. (Gerinda)

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