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In 1962, our director Mr. M. G. Dharmadhikari commenced his efforts for the production of Inspection Tools. With this persistence endurance, in 1964, our first tool "UNIVERSAL SURFACE GUAGE- 12 INCH MODEL" came in actual. This was our first import substitute tool on the lines of the makes from Great Britain and Germany and other countries. In 1965, he delivered our first MAGNETIC BASE CAT. NO. SRD-101 in India.

We assure our end users, that we always take extra efforts to deliver you the best possible quality product. Our insistence in prompt delivery, consistency in quality products assure our customers a life long service of these tools.

In a span of 35 years, Shreepad Industries has emerged as a front runner in dealing of high quality Magnetic, Engineering & Precision Tools. It gives us great pleasure to present this web site. We have tried our best to provide you information about each product, for your ready reference and perusal

In the forthcoming years he had developed a vast range of DIAL HOLDING STANDS, viz. MAGNETIC BASE. After this, the company got involved in developing of MAGNETIC VEE BLOCKS and HARDENED VEE BLOCKS and succeeded in quality product achievement. After 1978, the company has successfully exported their products to various countries like The U.K., The U.S.A., Italy, Switzerland etc. With consistent efforts for maintaining the quality we are still happy to say that we are exporting our range of Magnetic and other tools to these countries with zero rejection.

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